Our Mission.

Dolomist was born from a passion for the mountains and the desire to share unique experiences in the Dolomites. We promote slow and sustainable tourism, enhancing nature and local excellence. Our mission is to create experiences that respect the environment, promote inclusion and promote the digitalisation of the territory.

Our history.

Dolomist was founded by a group of friends who are passionate about the mountains, determined to give back what nature has given them. After many excursions, beers in the refuge and many thoughts written in summit books, on an enlightening excursion in Val Cimoliana, we decided to transform our passion into a project that reflected the values ​​learned in the mountains: respect for nature, inclusion and sustainability.

Our values

Inclusion. Diversity unites. πŸ•οΈ

Dolomist is an inclusive network that brings together the excellence and peculiarities of the territory. From sporting activities to recreational activities, the goal is to create the best experience in the mountains. This creates new opportunities in the most fragile areas by encouraging slow tourism based on respect for nature and sustainability. Inclusion is our strength. If the door is open to those who know how to look ahead, we can create the best environment for the Dolomites. Together. This is why we promote the sharing of know-how and best practices in the Dolomites.

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Sustainability. Nature teaches. 🌿

We use our business to design, protect, restore the stability and beauty of the mountain area. This is why we promote integrated activities and experiences in a balanced and environmentally respectful way.

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