Unite your team, discover the advantages of taking it to the mountains.

We offer a range of unique activities, from meditation to yoga, from excursions to refuge lunches with typical food, corporate masterclasses and wine tastings.
Every moment is designed to strengthen team spirit and individual well-being, outside the office and in contact with nature.

Here's what to expect:

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Unique and customizable experiences with Dolomist

Tailor-made adventures : Dolomist offers personalized team building experiences, enriching the team with unforgettable activities in the Dolomites.

Optimized time and budget management

Efficiency and value : With Dolomist, the organization of team building events is optimized to save time and respect the budget, guaranteeing high quality experiences.

Strengthening group cohesion

Join forces : Team building strengthens bonds, promotes inclusiveness and creates a sense of belonging, crucial for team harmony.

Increased Motivation and Productivity

Inspire and motivate : Shared experiences increase motivation and engagement, leading to greater productivity and better results.

Promotion of sustainability and well-being

Green commitment and well-being : Dolomist integrates the concept of sustainability into every activity, promoting the well-being of the team and the protection of the environment

For Dolomist it means organizing a corporate event with these 5 elements:


The peaks and paths of the Dolomites allow you to discover the beauty of nature, breathe clean air, free your mind from the stress of the office or your workplace. Ahh, and above all, to disconnect from emails, phone calls and messages. You can only use your phone to take spectacular photos.


We offer a series of unique, fun and alternative experiences. Every Famolo! it is structured together with professionals capable of motivating the group, creating teamwork and uniting even the most distant company departments. We organize tours tailored to your requests, and even more so, suggest unforgettable ideas and proposals.


If you do sport you already know it: nothing brings people together like shared effort. It doesn't mean being superheroes, our events are within everyone's reach. We want to offer the opportunity for your entire team to exercise healthily and test themselves. In sport as in work, you need to know how to grit your teeth and be a team player.

Local food.

Our favorite gathering moment may not be 5-star, but it will allow you to see millions of them while looking at the sky of the Dolomites. A picnic with some
local food or a dinner in a refuge are the perfect time to get to know your department colleagues better. With good wine we are sure to break down even those most difficult walls.

Night under the stars.

Rest is part of training. We guarantee you peaceful and above all silent nights in the refuge, or in a tent to fully enjoy an experience in nature. Resting well allows you to recover your energy for the next descent, the next effort, but also the next project, the next client!

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