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The charm of the Dolomites is universal. We want to inspire people to see, experience and love these mountains as we love them. We want to encourage everyone to capture the Beauty of these mountains and share it with the world.

But our goal goes further. We want to convey a sense of responsibility and care towards this magnificent natural heritage. Because the beauty of the Dolomites is a precious gift that deserves to be preserved for future generations.

By participating in our community, you will help not only capture but also tell the stories of these awe-inspiring landscapes, as you join a movement that values ​​and protects nature. We are a community of creators—photographers, videographers, and influencers—who share a passion for exploring and documenting natural wonders.

Why join us?

Explore new places

Access places in the Dolomites normally inaccessible or unknown to the general public. Our partnership with local authorities opens the doors to breathtaking scenery just waiting to be discovered and immortalized through your lens.

Visibility through the Dolomist channels

Your works will be highlighted on our social channels, newsletters and on the website, reaching a vast audience of Dolomite and photography enthusiasts. It's a great opportunity to increase your visibility and build your reputation in the world of photography and videomaking

Workshops and meetings with experts

Participate in exclusive workshops with world-famous photographers and local experts in the Dolomites. These meetups are a fantastic opportunity to learn new techniques, exchange ideas and inspire each other within a community of talent.